Dead Scared

Poetry competition

I've entered a poetry competition, so fingers crossed please. This is what I sent in.


We come in
Free of sin.

We go out
Full of doubt.

In between
We mark our slate
And try, too late,
To wipe it clean.

Watch this space for when I announce this is the winning entry. Keep watching... keep...
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SfEP chartership

The big news at the SfEP is that we are going to try for chartership. This means that in due course you can become a chartered editor, or chartered proofreader. It means we will have a certified qualification, and all our courses will be accredited. Exciting, eh?

But don't wait up. It's going to take years for us to get there. Years and years. One of the problems facing us is to try to determine the 'editor' population out there in the UK. That's stumping us at the moment. Any ideas?
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After a While

Okay, I admit it, I've neglected my blog for a while. Thing is, rather surreally, too much has been happening. Family numbers decreased by one when we lost my mother, then zapped back up to full strength when my first grandchild made an appearance. More of him anon, no doubt.

My editing work has gone through the roof, and there's been lots of SfEP activity - more of that anon, too. And on top of all that, I am in the process of setting up a website and selling a fully fledged self published version of As They Grow Older. Definitely more of that anon.

Watch this space.
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