Dead Scared is a supernatural horror story. To quote my own blurb:
Dead Scared is a horror story containing strong elements of mystery, humour, love and sex. It is told from the viewpoint of David Donaldson, descending into madness while incarcerated in a psychiatric institution. Right from the start there are two mysteries to be solved. Why is David Donaldson locked up? And why is a particular stretch of new motorway prone to accidents, some of them horrifically fatal? The two mysteries turn out to be connected, but will Dave's psychiatrist Professor Gardner and his girlfriend Jane, who is investigating the motorway accidents, realise what is happening in time save him? Not for the faint-hearted, Dead Scared will by turns horrify you with its vision of deep evil, mystify you as it portrays events through David Donaldson's increasingly distorted viewpoint, and delight you with its light-hearted descriptions of otherwise normal human life.