Halcyon Days is a humorous, semi-autobiographical account of student days at Leicester University.  All of the characters are based on real people, and most of the events actually happened.  It's a piece of fun which will never be submitted to agent or publisher because its target audience is too small and  it is not the sort of material in which a publisher would be interested.
I used the butterfly quote from Chuang Tzu as an epigraph, and dedicated the book to Carol, the girlfriend (later wife) of one of my best friends. At one point I wrote:

On another occasion, John T Rex I said happily: "These are halcyon days." His companions nodded and smiled agreeably. All of them were sitting outside, on the lawn, waiting for something to happen. A butterfly landed on the grass inches from Cracknell's nose. He crossed his eyes in order to keep it in focus. "I would never hurt a butterfly," stated John T Rex I. "Why not?" inquired J.C. "It might be someone sleeping."
If you went to University some years ago; and if you have a sense of humour both whimsical and logical, then perhaps you might enjoy Halcyon Days. You can download it here.