I wrote Halcyon Days soon after finishing University. Next up were the children's books Search for the Sage and it's sequel Tunnel at World's End, which I wrote at round about the time my first three children were born.  Some time after that I started the Key, an adult continuation which took me ten years to write.  Dead Scared I wrote in 2003 or thereabouts, and Love on the Line followed in 2006.
I think all these books read at least as well as many on the bookshop shelves, and better than some. This will be a familiar lament to any would-be writer.  We are stuck in our own, private Catch 22 situation which reads:
  • agents only accept contributions from existing clients (ie already published authors); and
  • publishers only accept submissions from agents.
I hope all those who take part in this nefarious scheme come to grief as the self-publishing phenomenon (not at all the same as old-fashioned vanity publishing) takes off and the internet provides more and more opportunities to publish and market your own material.